Monday, June 6, 2011

Day At the Lake

FINALLY... we got weather nice enough to spend a day on the lake in Matt & Natalie's new boat! Although the water is still a little too cold for most, Mike wasn't going to let that stop him! He was the only one that braved the water, the rest of us just cheered him on from the boat!

These 2 little stinkers... not sure who yelled "stick your finger in your nose" right as I took the picture, but to whomever it was, Thank you!


Mason & I

Natalie & Jaxon

Mike showing off... Please note all of the snow on the mountains in the background!

Not sure what this trick was called...

I caught the back flip mid-air... I should have just video recorded this run... but who would have known he would hit that many tricks back to back and land them all!


Mike & his "Mimi-Me"

Ottosen Family Photo

He found the Sweet Spot surfing...

Our family photo!

Such a fun day! Can't wait to have many more of them this summer!

Zoorasic Park

I took Friday off to spend the day at the zoo with these two monkeys, YaYa and Connie! The Hogle Zoo is doing Zoorasic Park where they have dinosaurs all over the park... even ones that spit at you as you walk by!! I saw the water all over the ground and walked around, mom and Connie weren't so lucky and walked right through it! I have to say, I did get a good laugh out of it!

This was a bribed smile for a treat...

This was T-Rex... the first of the dinosaurs that we came across...

And this was Mason's reaction to T-Rex when I asked him to go stand by him!

Finally Mason agreed to a picture, but only if I held him!

And then another with both boys... do I look lop-sided holding them? Becasue I am pretty sure that Mason is a good 10+ pounds heavier than Michael!

The boys reaction when we went inside of the reptile house... PEEWW!

They were both so fascinated by this COOL animal...

Oh wait, it was just the construction site at the zoo for the new attraction, guess we could have saved some money and just take them to a construction site!

This elephant blows water... I don't know how many times I have been to the zoo, and never knew this. Kids were lining up to get sprayed! Mason and Michael were convinced that they were the ones making it spray on the kids!

Getting their photo op with the dinosaur... Michael seems less than thrilled!

This was a true measurement of the boys...

Such a fun day... and then after Mason went home with Michael and had a sleepover. I had an entire Friday night to myself, Mason was gone by 4 and Mike had to work until 11!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Volkswagen Commercial: The Force

Does this remind you of someone??

Love this commerical... this is the full version, not the abbreviated version from the Super Bowl!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Christmas... Better late than Never!

I am a bit behind in my blogging... but I guess late is better than not at all! We had a fabulous Christmas! This year Mason's wish was for Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee (Transformers)! Lucky for me, McDonald's was giving away Transformers in Happy Meals the month of December. Those babies were stashed and used as stocking stuffers from Santa! Only problem is that Mason is smarter than the average 3 year old and asked me if I got them from McDonalds. I had to re-assure him that I didn't, but that maybe Santa did! Can't fool him! Anyway, the little happy meal toys trumped everything else. There were many presents that remained unopened until after we got home on Christmas morning. Note to self... it is the little things that make him happy! No need to over-do Christmas... he was happy with the $1.50 toys I picked up at Micky D's! Here are some pictures of Christmas Eve and Morning!

Every year, my mom get's matching PJ's for the kids, this year, we spent many, many hours making them! A few days before Christmas, I get a phone call from Mike... "What do you think about matching Pajama's" he asks. I reply, "We already have some for the kids". Mike: "No, for US!" Oh... sure. So after 5 trips to Old Navy and 3 trips to Target we had matching PJ's for the adults too! Mike even helped shop with me! I think that we may have another new tradition!

Girls PJ's

Boys/Kids Matching PJ's

Couple pics of Mike and I... don't mind the Shrek horns, Mason got Shrek and these lovely numbers came with the DVD, as you will notice, Mike wore them all night!

I was trying to compete with the Shrek horns...

Mike was slightly intoxicated on Christmas Eve, if you couldn't tell!

Attempt at a family photo... for some reason they always turn out like this...

Boys playing with the toys they opened on Christmas Eve!


Note the handful of transformers that he has in one hand as he tries to look at his Optimus!

Mike's new softball bat!

And his new Ogio gear bag!

And in the tradition of saving the best for last... Mike modeling Rick's new "I've given up pants!" These were the highlight of the evening!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Getting Crafty... Completed!!

As promised, here are pictures of the rest of my craft projects!

I was introduced to the Wood Connection, it is a little store in Midvale that sells wood cut outs and then has samples of them decorated so you can take pictures and remember how they decorated them once you get home! I found these cute heart cut outs and just painted them, sanded them and then just added some glitter stickers to add my "conversation" phrases! The ones they had at the store had vinyl lettering, but since I didn't have any vinyl handy... I made due with some stickers! I think they turned out pretty cute!

These glass marble XOXO's were also found on I thought this was such a cute idea and it was SO easy! Just a little E6000 glue, a bag of glass marbles, some scrapbook paper and 4 frames! For the x's I found the middle of the paper and marked it, then eyeballed the X from the center, outline the X with the E6000 glue, add a row of marbles, another row of glue and then another row of marbles. The o's were traced from Mason's Ironman cup, then followed the same procedure as on the X. Let the glue dry overnight and then put in the frame. Note that the glass will not fit in the frame, so just put it behind the paper so you can save it for a later use.

I made this center picture to go between my subway art using some vinyl letters I picked up at the Wood Connection and the wood heart cut out also from the Wood Connection.

And this is the final product of my cupcake wrapper wreath hanging on the new mirrors that I just hung... confession... I actually bought the mirrors before Christmas, but just got around to hanging them! As you can see from the above pictures I am a little slow in getting pictures actually hung on the wall... those are just sitting on the shelf below, they would probably be even cuter if I actually hung them!